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Measuring Employee Satisfaction with Salary
For your convenience and ease of reference, we have created a template of Salary Satisfaction Survey. You can use this template as such or modify it to suit your needs. Alternatively, you can design your own survey from scratch.

 Question: Did you receive any other form of compensation last year?
 Question: Give a brief description of your present job responsibilities.
 Question: How long have you been working in this career field?
 Question: What position did you hold when you started your career in this field?
 Question: How satisfied are you with the following?
Very satisfiedSatisfiedNeither satisfied nor dissatisfiedDissatisfiedVery dissatisfied
The salary you receive
Non-monetary aspects of your job
Your work environment
The benefits your employer provides you, such as medical and dental insurance,401(K)plans, and other fringe benefits
 Question: Please specify your gender. (Optional)
 Question: Please mention your annual base salary.
 Question: How long do you intend to continue working for the company?
Less than a year
Less than six months
1 - 3 years
So long as I don't get a better job opportunity
As long as possible

 Question: In your present employment, when did you last get a promotion?
Six months back
One year back
Two years back
Three years back
Four years back
Have not been promoted as yet

 Question: How many employees report directly to you?
1 - 4
5 - 10
11 - 15
16 - 20
More than 20
 Question: Were you given any bonus/es last year?
 Question: In which age group do you fall?
20 to 29
30 to 34
35 to 39
40 to 44
45 to 49
50 to 54
55 to 59
60 and above

 Question: How long have you been working for your current employer?
Less than six months
Less than a year
Less than 2 years
Less than 5 years
Less than 10 years
 Question: What position do you hold in your current employment?
 Question: If you have marked Yes in the previous question, then please mention the amount of bonus.