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 Who';s your BAP member?
Check out this simple survey to find out which BAP member gets along with you the best! Have fun! :)

1.  What is your favourite colour?


2.  What kind of person are you?

  Motherly, wouldn't be caught wearing sexy clothes
  Pretty legs, eyes and smile
  Virtuous, does well in life
  Good in English and cooking
  Funny, sweet in personality
  Has your own style and is proud of it

3.  What is your favourite personality?

  Sensitive, hard-worker, funny
  Talkative, funny, overly excited
  Descriptive, smart, sometimes(?) charismatic
  Sweet, awkward, smiles a lot
  Talkative, sensitive, confident, cute
  Cute, silly, easily excited

4.  Please specify your gender.


5.  What's your favourite kind of food?

  Not here