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1.  The Facebook features you dislike most:

  Being tagged when you don't want to.
  Everytime you customize your privacy, you come to know that there are things that are still public.
  Silly games like Farmville, Cityville, Petville and the likes.
  E-gifts!!Imagine sending gifts that actually don't exist.
  There are people in your friend list who are actually not your friends, but you just couldn't deny a friend request of theirs.
Any other, please specify.

2.  I wish I could delete my facebook account but I have got hooked to it.


3.  I deleted my Facebook account only to recreate it again.


4.  According to me the LEAST LIKEABLE feature of Facebook is:

5.  Three things that I like about Facebook are:

  I can keep in touch with friends and people who otherwise i don't think i would have met again.
  The website is so well organized. Simple, neat, and elegant.
  The way I can customize it.
  The variety it offers in terms of various applications.
  It offers both privacy and openness.
  It has improved my ability to communicate.
  I get to know so much and connect to so many people and ideas.